How to fit legs to furniture
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A  do-it-yourself guide from Edinburgh Woodturning - suppliers of high quality legs and bun feet for Sofas, chairs, beds,  footstools and most furniture.           

This page shows you how to fit T-Nuts to the majority of  upholstered Sofas, Chairs, Footstools and some Beds.  The assumption is that your furniture does not have legs fitted at present. If there are different size T-Nuts already in position then they can be easily removed by levering with a screwdriver.

You will need access to the inside of the furniture which may mean removing
(un-stapling ) the fabric (or hessian) covering often found on the underside of  such furniture. The covering can normally be re-stapled in position using a standard domestic stapler.

If you remove the hessian and then realise that you cannot get access to the top of the wooden rail,  you will need a different type of fixing. Refer to the section titled “Select a Fixing”


5) Correctly fitted legs will           look like this one in the

    cutaway section in photo 5.


   The T-Nut must be at the         TOP of the wooden rail and     the leg is screwed in from       below.


   If  the T-Nut is able to move     in the oversized hole, then      the leg will always align           with the wooden rail and it      will be vertical.     


    To achieve maximum                strength, an 8 mm dowel         screw only needs to enter        the T-Nut by about 10 mm.          

    The dowel does not need to     protrude out from the top of     the T-Nut.